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dreadmill live at 2004 Interactive Media Forum

DREADMILL during studio recording
for the "NECROMEDIA" installation (2005).

Are you sitting right now?
How much time do you spend motionless in front of that screen?
What do you gain from it?
What do you lose?

DREADMILL is a project about the collusion of death and technology (NECROMEDIA). It critiques the increasing immobility of the body in a screen culture.

The dreadmill device is a treadmill hardwired to a computer so that a runner/walker's speed and heart rate drive a multimedia display.

DREADMILL is currently on tour as part of a performance piece in which Marcel O'Gorman discusses technology, death, and the body while running through a display of 5-7 km.

This project was designed in the student-centered learning context of Electronic Critique, an interdisciplinary degree progam at the University of Detroit Mercy.

For additional information, and requests for performances, lectures, or installations, contact Professor Marcel O'Gorman, Director of Electronic Critique, and designer of DREADMILL.